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The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 3



And here we are, dear friends, arriving at The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 3. One thing we forgot to mention about the French cuisine: it innovated the way we cook seafood. So today we are departing in search of some of the greatest food and seafood dishes, all French made.

Moules Marinees – or marinated mussels – are some of the most popular dishes in the Belgian cuisine, but they are probably much more widespread in France. Particularly in western France, virtually any restaurant will provide an option for mussels cooked in white wine, with shallots and broth and just a sprinkle of parsley.

Stuffed Squid a la Provencale is another French recipe. The squid pieces are stuffed with chard, bread and herbs to give the dish a flavorful taste. It can be grilled, baked or roasted and served at room temperature with a nice glass of wine.

Oeufs au saumon fume - baked eggs with smoked salmon – is another alternative you can explore when in France. Here is what you are in for: baked eggs with some tasty cream that are poached over a bedding of saumon fume. It is a very simple, very classy choice of Parisian breakfast.

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Basque style fish will probably be the last dish on the list. It consists of marinated fish stewed with peppers and clams. Haddock and bass make for the best choices of white meat fish to be incorporated in this classical, local dish so emblematic of the taste of France.



The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 2




The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 2 wants to suggest even more flavor and even more fun be added to your travels in the lovely country of love.

Last time we started reviewing some of the best French national recipes. Today we are aiming for something sweet for a change.

Crepes, the universally loved pancakes (European style), are also an invention on the list of things we need to give thanks to the French. They originate in Brittany and are a very thin, very sweet version of pancakes. They are made of white wheat, milk and eggs; the recipe couldn’t be simpler. Basically you mix all of the above in a semi-thin paste and fry them on both sides in a pan. “Et voila!” – your crepe is ready!

When I was a kid, my Mom used to cook me Marquise au Chocolat. It is a frozen (or at least cold) mushy chocolate mousse all covered in ganache. It is a royal pastry popular in France ever since the 17th century. You can almost see King Louis XVI lazily taking a spoonful of the candied consistency of this cake. Today, this mousse is much more accessible and you can enjoy the authentic version during your stay in France. Paris airport transfers can easily take you straight to your restaurant of choice one nice afternoon.

Meringues in Creme Anglaise make for a delightful dessert. Although the name might sound a bit contradictory – due to the “English cream” – this is a very French dish. Basically, you take some creamy, beautiful meringues, sprinkle them with almonds and syrup and set them afloat on a dish of soft vanilla cream. The result will make your mouth water.

Cheese Souffle is another wonderfully tasty dish. It is a soft and happy muffin cake with cheese made very popular by Audrey Hepburn in her lovely film, “Sabrina”.



The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 1



Food is a great cultural constituent: it is more than sustenance, it can be art, especially if we are talking about refined cultures, such as the French ones, so today we get to enjoy the taste of France: best French dishes: Part 1.

I pondered a lot on what dish to start with, what flavor would best grasp that unique taste of the Hexagon, its stylish and great people, its culinary history. Food is an enjoyable activity and a good pretext to travel – in case you never stopped to think about this, there are culinary excursions and France is a lovely place to experience this.

Well, this being said, let us start:

Dish # 1 on our list is Cassoulet. This dish originates in Toulouse and is a rich and somewhat fat casserole made of white beans, pork sausages, duck and goose. These are boiled into a very tasty mixture. In “haute cuisine”, the ingredients are simmered with different aromatic vegetables and spices. Some say that this can ruin the original “peasant dish” quality of the Cassoulet – the name of which comes from the deep dish in which the mixture is served.

Chicken Basquaise – the name betraying its origin this time – is a tasty French chicken recipe that impacts with both its colorful looks and its spicy, peppery flavor. Its creator is Chef Sébastien Gravé and the stew requires chicken, some sausage, garlic, thyme, vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, paprika, etc). all sprinkled with a glass of white wine. The preparation technique is quite simple: first you cook the meats in a pot for about 8 minutes, then you add fine cut onions with oil and tomato juice and boil them all for another 5 minutes. You then add the boiled vegetables and let them stew after the last step of the procedure: adding the glass of white wine.

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