Here are some amazing things you may not know about France – Part 2


Here are some amazing things you may not know about France and it might be interesting to know them in case you want to travel there or to learn the language.

In 1660, France became the first country to introduce public transport. This consisted of carriages which would stop door to door to take passengers in Paris. This innovative concept was invented by Blaise Pascal.

These days, a Paris airport transfer can be an awesome way to get around the capital city of light and love. The price is accessible and it’s great to know you can have transport already prepared for you.

The most tragic and probably the most absurd French reign was that of King John I of France. He was named king five months prior to his birth and only lived for five days. And actually an even shorter reign was that of Louis XIX, who was only king of France for 20 minutes.

In France, customers are actually in the obligation to pay the exact amount of money and the trader is under no legal obligation to give back any change.

France is the country of fashion and style, but when it comes to children beauty pageants, the French draw a line. These contests are (maybe thankfully) banned in the country and punishable by a couple of years in prison and a 30.000 EUR fine.

With 1000 restaurants spread around the country, France is the most profitable Mcdonald’s outlet outside of the US. And this is pretty understandable, since food can be quite expensive and this would be a cheap alternative.

In terms of surface, France is the largest country in Europe.

We use the term “champagne” all too loosely. Actually, this is a French brand only dedicated to alcohol produced in the Champagne region. The other “champagnes” are merely sparkling wine.

And maybe most surprising of all, in 1940 France and Britain briefly considered merging into one state to face the Nazi invasion.