The best July 2018 events in Paris – Part 1


The second month of summer brings a lot of joy to France, as the bold nation celebrates its national day, so for today we are going to talk about The best July 2018 events in Paris.

July is for sure one of the best months to be in France, especially since the weather is so nice here. The weather is amazing, the trees are green and all flowers in the vast gardens burst into bloom. There are also always interesting events going on in the city of love. Here are a few of these events that can pretty much work as a stimulus for you this summer:

The Tropical Carnival of Paris comes to town this year once again on July 2018. So if you have a pair of dancing shoes, you should really get ready to kick those boots and join in the dans along with the around 4000 dancers that will grace the streets and the stages. This is one of the greatest events of the summer, so you should never miss it.

If you need a means of transportation throughout the city during these happy summer days, you should really consider booking a Paris airport transfer.

Back to exciting events to check this summer, we have another one coming right up for you: the Beauregard Festival, one of the most anticipated musical festivals of the summer. Herouville Saint Clair is hosting the 10th edition of this exciting musical event between July 6th and 9th. Mackelmore, OrelSan, MGMT and Depeche Mode have all been booked for this event, so you should be there if you want some fun and some sound.

Are you in for a mystery to solve? If so, join the teams of explorers of Paris as they go treasure hunting at the beginning of July!