The best July 2018 events in Paris – Part 2



So last time we agreed on a simple fact: summer is an awesome tie to be in France and the wonderful and wondrous capital city of the country has a lot of happy surprises in store for you, so I bet you’re prepared to continue exploring The best July 2018 events in Paris.

The Happy Folk Festival is another reason to go out into town in Paris this July. The events are scheduled to take place between the 6th and the 8th of the month and will combine workshops, creativity, handicrafts and creativity. We all want to live a happier life and be happy people – perhaps this event will give us some interesting ideas!

In terms of having a happier stay in France, there are some great ideas to make your trip fabulous. One would be to afford the liberty of movement you want by booking a Paris car rental and a Paris taxi transfer during your visit.

You already know what we are all anticipating – French people in particular: the glorious National Day of France, celebrated with parades, festivals, music and a bank holiday this year (as in any other year) on July 14th. The National Day will also bring a lot of French people to Paris to celebrate in style. But non-French individuals are also more than welcome to join in the fun.

Paris may not be a seaside destination; in fact, in may well be the exact and absolute opposite. But for a few days this summer, Paris Plages will bring the festive seaside seaside air in Paris, around the Seine key with sports activities, workshops, concerts and… sand! That’s right, 5000 tons of sand will be brought in town to make Paris look more like Nice, maybe. This will all start on July 7th and last until September 2nd.

So just go to France this summer!