Top 5 Strangest Paris Museums

Top 5 Strangest Paris Museums

When we say “Paris”, we immediately conjure images of romantic candlelight dinners and walks down the Champs Elysees. But let’s face it: another thing the French are famous for is their… erm, eccentricity and readiness to accept anything that comes as “avangarde”. So for today we’ve gathered a top 10 strangest Paris museums. Interested to know more?

5. The Deyrolle Taxidermy was founded in 1831 by entomologist Emile Deyrolle and is the place to go if you wish to see exotic taxidermy and bizarre specimens preserved and displayed in glass jars and wooden cases. In 2007, the store was mostly destroyed in a fire, but with help from artists and collectors, it was rebuilt and restored to its 19th-century style. Although most of the exotic animals are not for sale, virtually all items can be rented. So if you need a stuffed bear or bat for a Halloween party, this is the place to go!

4. Musee des Arts Forains (or The Fairground Art Museum) is next on our list. Widely unknown by Parisiens themselves, this place is dedicated to those obsessed with rare funfair artefacts: games, theatrical props and toys from the 1800s are on display here.

3. Le Musee des Moulages borders between the macabre and the disgusting. Opened in 1867 with suggestive drawings of skin diseases, today it offers an unforettable display of wax models of diseased parts of the body.

2.. How about a good ghost sighting? The secluded Montmartre Cemetery provides an (almost) idyllic resting place for many artists and personalities who lived in the Parisian neighbourhood: Heinrich Heine, Degas, Berlioz, Alexander Dumas, Emile Zola and even the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax.

1. Widely regarded as the weirdest museum in the world, Le Musee des Egouts de Paris (or The Sewers Museum) does exist! And visiting it doesn’t involve cruising the under-world of Paris in debris. Established in the 1370 and unique, the Parisian sewer system will make you reminisce about Les Miserables, while offering a surprisingly clean and memorable tour.

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