Grasse, a paradise of aromas – Part 1


For centuries, the sunlit bright and scented evergreen plains of Provence have served as an inspiration for artists, healing faucet for travelers and wonder for any passerby and one of the places where you can best sample the pure authentic air of this land of beauty is Grasse, a paradise of aromas.

Grasse has been a center of perfume production for a very long time. This is enabled by the warm weather and the mountainous geography of the place, but also by the inquisitive and inventive spirit of the locals, which got involved in this industry a long time ago and have since created a culture in this respect and put Grasse France on the scented map of the greatest perfumiers in the world.

As any city with such industry, Grasse has several attractions to boast with, many of which revolve around or hail perfume making. One of the attractions that you should not miss is the International Perfume Museum. Basically the old center town is packed with all the attractions you will want to visit and the rest of the tour can continue from this museum on.

Only 10 years old, this museum is truly unique and innovative. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours or even more in the fascinating confines of this special museum. Here, you will learn a history of the museum since antiquity and all the way to present day. The museum also showcases the perfume making methods (also since time immemorial and until today, with an emphasis on the local industry around the last couple of centuries).

How many things can you do in a French provincial town? Well, if you book a Paris transfer to Grasse, you can figure the answer out on your own. Meanwhile, know that there are a lot of things to consider: and let’s learn more together next time!