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The best July 2018 events in Paris – Part 2



So last time we agreed on a simple fact: summer is an awesome tie to be in France and the wonderful and wondrous capital city of the country has a lot of happy surprises in store for you, so I bet you’re prepared to continue exploring The best July 2018 events in Paris.

The best July 2018 events in Paris – Part 1


The second month of summer brings a lot of joy to France, as the bold nation celebrates its national day, so for today we are going to talk about The best July 2018 events in Paris.

Top 5 Strangest Paris Museums

Top 5 Strangest Paris Museums

When we say “Paris”, we immediately conjure images of romantic candlelight dinners and walks down the Champs Elysees. But let’s face it: another thing the French are famous for is their… erm, eccentricity and readiness to accept anything that comes as “avangarde”. So for today we’ve gathered a top 10 strangest Paris museums. Interested to know more?

Paris airport transfers to Dreux


Going on a Paris excursion will require a lot of preparing, because you’ll have to do a bit of research into your destination of Dreux and see what it has to offer, and then you’ll need to book airline tickets and some accommodations, but you might also need to look at the idea of Paris Airport transfers to Dreux as another thing to book early.

Evreux transfers from Paris airport


There is no way that a trip to France won’t be memorable, whether you’re going to Paris or Evreux, or any other destination in this country, it will be a very interesting experience. There are lots of things to get ready till that moment comes, airplane tickets and accommodations come to mind but you should add Paris Airport transfers to that list as well.

Evry transfers from Paris airport


Preparing a trip to Evry will imply quite a bit of Internet searching, whether it’s for airplane tickets, bookings or things to see and do while there. But in case you can only fly to Paris for whatever reason then you should also look into booking Paris Airport transfers to Evry services, that will take you from the Paris airport to your destination.

Paris airport transfers to Disneyland Paris


While the idea of a Disneyland Paris for you and your family sounds like a great idea, there are lots of things to take into consideration, lots of preparations to be made, and one thing that you surely have to have is Paris Airport transfers to Disneyland Paris, and these services are a reality.

Paris airport transfers to La Defense

La Defense

While you’re planning a trip to La Defense you may only be able to find an affordable plane ticket that leaves you in Paris. This might be a bit of a problem if you were to be without the option of Paris Airport transfers but thankfully this transportation option exists and you can benefit from it tremendously.

Paris airport transfers to Boulogne-Billancourt


When you’re planning your trip to Paris there are lots of things to consider, regardless of your ultimate goal or even destination, but one thing that should help with either and both of those things is Paris Airport transfers. Whether you’re headed to Boulogne-Billancourt for business or for totally other reasons some Boulogne-Billancourt transfers will definitely come in handy.

Paris airport transfers to Cergy-Pontoise


Planning a trip to Paris will require a bit of time and Internet browsing in order to get some great deals on airplane tickets and accommodation, but we suggest that you add another thing to your prep list before you kick up your feet, namely Paris Airport transfers. One of the best ways of getting from the airport to your destination is with some Cergy-Pontoise transfers.