Grasse, a paradise of aromas – Part 2


Dear friends, welcome back to our provincial travel through the wondrous Grasse, a paradise of aromas located about an hour’s drive away from Nice, in the sunny paradise-like French Provence.

Grasse, a paradise of aromas – Part 1


For centuries, the sunlit bright and scented evergreen plains of Provence have served as an inspiration for artists, healing faucet for travelers and wonder for any passerby and one of the places where you can best sample the pure authentic air of this land of beauty is Grasse, a paradise of aromas.

The best July 2018 events in Paris – Part 2



So last time we agreed on a simple fact: summer is an awesome tie to be in France and the wonderful and wondrous capital city of the country has a lot of happy surprises in store for you, so I bet you’re prepared to continue exploring The best July 2018 events in Paris.

The best July 2018 events in Paris – Part 1


The second month of summer brings a lot of joy to France, as the bold nation celebrates its national day, so for today we are going to talk about The best July 2018 events in Paris.

These are the best cultural attractions in Paris – Part 2


These are the best cultural attractions in Paris and we are more than happy to show you around this magnificent, fascinating and elegant city, the most luminous in the world.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris just might be the most famous church in the world. Made even more famous by Victor Hugo’s books, the cathedral was founded by King Louis IX (Saint Louis) in the year 1163. Ever since, the building has been subject to changes of style, developments and transitions. The present Gothic look is made so recognizable by the long strings of gargoyles decorating (and “guarding”) the front of the construction.

These are the best cultural attractions in Paris – Part 1



These are the best cultural attractions in Paris: we are going to walk you through the best way to visit the glamorous French capital city if you are a bit of an art nerd or a history buff – or if you simply wish to learn a little bit of culture from time to time and find out more about the local history and the national legacy.

What to do in charming Paris in May 2018


If you have your plane tickets and Paris airport transfer vouchers booked already for a trip this coming month in the glamorous and contrasting capital city of France, we are also ready to show you some suggestions of what to do in charming Paris in May 2018.

A winter wonderland in Paris: best Christmas Markets



Here are some great ideas if you want to enjoy a winter wonderland in Paris: best Christmas Markets.

Paris is wonderful anytime, but the winter season makes it all so much more magical, as ever after Black Friday Paris dresses in its shiny coat of bright golden lights and garlands. There is a beautiful tradition born in Germany in the Middle Ages and quickly spread throughout the entire Europe: that of Christmas Fairs and Markets.

Paris can also brag with some of the most bright and happy such markets. They are meant to promote natural and traditional local products and make the season brighter and more happy. Handicrafts, warm food, sweets and hot wine are just some of the things you can procure here.

Paris events in November 2017



Paris, Paris… How much do you miss the glamorous and paradigmatic capital city of France? If you were looking into the top reasons to come visit, here are some of the most anticipated Paris events in November 2017.

If Americans celebrate Halloween on the night between October 31st and November 1st, the Catholic French also celebrate “La Toussaint”, the local version of the Feast of all the Hallow. This is more than a religious celebration. The coolest part of the story is that it is a bank holiday, so people are free to do whatever they want on a free day. Families will have a chance to take their children somewhere nice, such as the Zoo or the market.

Tourists have the chance to visit the city – attention, some shops and venues like museums might be closed, so take care and go online for some research before!

You can always go for a Paris tour by car. This is a facility you can also book online. You also need to do this some time in advance, but availability should not be an issue.

Next: from November 9 to 13, you are invited to le Salon de la Photo, an event meant to gather people who have something in common: their love for photography. This is organized at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte des Versailles, Paris. For three days, professionals and amateurs are invited to gather there to see the new trends in photography, an art much beloved by France.

What is France most known for? Inventions and innovations are one important aspect, so the Salon Creations et Savoir-Faire scheduled between 15 and 19 novembre 2017 will bring you closer to the inventive spirit of the age and all the new technologies.

November is a good a time as any to travel to France. If you want to enjoy a car of your own, you can rent a car in Paris as well.


The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 3



And here we are, dear friends, arriving at The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 3. One thing we forgot to mention about the French cuisine: it innovated the way we cook seafood. So today we are departing in search of some of the greatest food and seafood dishes, all French made.

Moules Marinees – or marinated mussels – are some of the most popular dishes in the Belgian cuisine, but they are probably much more widespread in France. Particularly in western France, virtually any restaurant will provide an option for mussels cooked in white wine, with shallots and broth and just a sprinkle of parsley.

Stuffed Squid a la Provencale is another French recipe. The squid pieces are stuffed with chard, bread and herbs to give the dish a flavorful taste. It can be grilled, baked or roasted and served at room temperature with a nice glass of wine.

Oeufs au saumon fume - baked eggs with smoked salmon – is another alternative you can explore when in France. Here is what you are in for: baked eggs with some tasty cream that are poached over a bedding of saumon fume. It is a very simple, very classy choice of Parisian breakfast.

How to get there? The quickest way to travel through the capital city of France – in case you are a bit familiar with it at least – is by car, so you can get a Paris car rental for a fair price. Another option is to book a Paris taxi, particularly if you are visiting the city for the first time.

Basque style fish will probably be the last dish on the list. It consists of marinated fish stewed with peppers and clams. Haddock and bass make for the best choices of white meat fish to be incorporated in this classical, local dish so emblematic of the taste of France.