Grasse, a paradise of aromas – Part 2


Dear friends, welcome back to our provincial travel through the wondrous Grasse, a paradise of aromas located about an hour’s drive away from Nice, in the sunny paradise-like French Provence.

We started talking last time about Grasse, an amazing city in the provincial side of France, in Provence – pun totally intended. And we set out to count the number of things you can do here on a one day tour. Just to refresh the knowledge already gained, we remind you that Grasse is renowned all around the world for the fine amazing perfumes produced here.

The name of Grasse is linked with that of the most illustrious local, Jean-Honore Fragonard. Strangely enough, Fragonard was not a perfume maker, but a painter who lived in Grasse in the 18th century and came to fame in the time of the Ancien Regime. His son and sister-in-law also learned from him and became successful artists in their share.

Today Fragonard is the name of the most famous perfume brand produced in Grasse.

A couple dozen meters away from the International Perfume Museum – which we mentioned last time – lies the Fragonard Museum with a couple of annexes – so be sure not to miss any of them. It celebrates the art and life of the artist with paintings by him, his son and sister-in-law. You will be instantly drawn into this colorful rococo atmosphere, scented with Fragonard perfume!

Perfume making is also celebrated in the Fragonard factory which, just as the Fragonard Museum, you can visit free of charge.

Another thing you are encouraged to do in Grasse is spend some time outdoors. There are a lot of parks and gardens with colorful flowers to admire and delve in the scent of. To me, the city left the impression of a wonderful colorful and scented garden.

If you rent a Paris car hire, you can move on to the next wonderful city preserving the sweet memory of Grasse…