The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 2




The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 2 wants to suggest even more flavor and even more fun be added to your travels in the lovely country of love.

Last time we started reviewing some of the best French national recipes. Today we are aiming for something sweet for a change.

Crepes, the universally loved pancakes (European style), are also an invention on the list of things we need to give thanks to the French. They originate in Brittany and are a very thin, very sweet version of pancakes. They are made of white wheat, milk and eggs; the recipe couldn’t be simpler. Basically you mix all of the above in a semi-thin paste and fry them on both sides in a pan. “Et voila!” – your crepe is ready!

When I was a kid, my Mom used to cook me Marquise au Chocolat. It is a frozen (or at least cold) mushy chocolate mousse all covered in ganache. It is a royal pastry popular in France ever since the 17th century. You can almost see King Louis XVI lazily taking a spoonful of the candied consistency of this cake. Today, this mousse is much more accessible and you can enjoy the authentic version during your stay in France. Paris airport transfers can easily take you straight to your restaurant of choice one nice afternoon.

Meringues in Creme Anglaise make for a delightful dessert. Although the name might sound a bit contradictory – due to the “English cream” – this is a very French dish. Basically, you take some creamy, beautiful meringues, sprinkle them with almonds and syrup and set them afloat on a dish of soft vanilla cream. The result will make your mouth water.

Cheese Souffle is another wonderfully tasty dish. It is a soft and happy muffin cake with cheese made very popular by Audrey Hepburn in her lovely film, “Sabrina”.