The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 3



And here we are, dear friends, arriving at The taste of France: best French dishes: Part 3. One thing we forgot to mention about the French cuisine: it innovated the way we cook seafood. So today we are departing in search of some of the greatest food and seafood dishes, all French made.

Moules Marinees – or marinated mussels – are some of the most popular dishes in the Belgian cuisine, but they are probably much more widespread in France. Particularly in western France, virtually any restaurant will provide an option for mussels cooked in white wine, with shallots and broth and just a sprinkle of parsley.

Stuffed Squid a la Provencale is another French recipe. The squid pieces are stuffed with chard, bread and herbs to give the dish a flavorful taste. It can be grilled, baked or roasted and served at room temperature with a nice glass of wine.

Oeufs au saumon fume - baked eggs with smoked salmon – is another alternative you can explore when in France. Here is what you are in for: baked eggs with some tasty cream that are poached over a bedding of saumon fume. It is a very simple, very classy choice of Parisian breakfast.

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Basque style fish will probably be the last dish on the list. It consists of marinated fish stewed with peppers and clams. Haddock and bass make for the best choices of white meat fish to be incorporated in this classical, local dish so emblematic of the taste of France.